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  Cobalt Waters of Spirit

“For a few NDE sojourners, the invisible was made visible. What did they see? Interestingly, most NDErs perceived Spirit manifested as cobalt blue waters; a deep, rich substance flowing freely without borders. Yet, they are amazed to find this watery substance exhibiting consciousness and divine power.”

“Many believe that they live alone in a cold, indifferent universe. In reality, everyone is always integrated with God whether they know it or not. Moreover, everyone has the ability to communicate with the divine through soul.”

“There needs to be room for soul in order for the spirit and mind to grow together. Personally, it is my quest to become more aware of self: be in concert with divine plan; live without the fear of death; learn to love other people more fully; be connected with all that is God. I believe this growth will continue as I shift my life balance from the external to the internal.”

“Truth comes from the quiet, centered self. Where do we find mindfulness? From a spiritual perspective, it derives from that deep, peaceful center called the soul.”

“From Plato to Thomas Aquinas, great philosophers and theologians have speculated about general characteristics of soul. Although these ancient works peak the imagination, their assumptions have limited use. Belief based on speculation, no matter the level of brilliance, remains speculation. People returning from near death, however, are not engaging in speculation. They are reporting consistent observations about the nature of soul because they are reporting from direct experience.”

“There are many compartmentalized concepts we use for God, including Jesus, that allows us, as finite creatures, to crudely visualize the infinite. By creating Spirit as a construct, humanity can grasp the broad notion of God as a pervasive force, breathing spiritual nurturing and revelation into all living things. Although our insights into God are dreadfully crude, certain concepts, like the Trinity, provide humanity with tidbits of conceptual reference.”

“The more we become united with Source of all, the more the Spirit can work as a transforming fire. The formula for unity begins with a loving desire for re-connection. This typically cannot be obtained through following ideology, but rather by being open to a relationship with God. In this relationship, we first need to be open to listening to Spirit rather than blindly following our selfish biological impulses.”

  Angel in Heaven

“God chooses to co-create with every being. In the spiritual realm, spiritual beings have important assignments within the constraints of divine rules. In other words, spiritual beings are not spending eternity lounging around on clouds.”

“Reunions not only introduce the deceased to the unconditional love of heaven, but it provides them with a point of familiarity of a forgotten existence. Deceased loved ones provide a line of continuity and comfort for the transitioning soul, especially for those who become confused shortly after death.”

“Humans, despite their many frailties, are deeply loved by spiritual beings. Perhaps this revelation serves as the greatest gift provided by the near death experience. Expressions of love are usually communicated by deceased loved ones we once knew on earth. However, sometimes love is also communicated by a host of other beings, both familiar and unfamiliar. Apparently, there are more spiritual beings that deeply care about us than we know or remember.”

“Spiritual beings serve as catalysts for growth, but they do not force growth. Neither do they stop our reckless behavior. When all is said and done, human beings are responsible for their own choices. At a more profound level, every individual is responsible for the self and what that self becomes. However, spiritual beings are allowed to gently nudge people in a positive direction toward the Source: provide an alternative thought; pang us with a corrective feeling; or send messages through lucid dreams; nudge another person to help.”

“A human does not first become a spiritual being after death. Rather, it is the spiritual being that becomes human after they are born on earth. Thus, each person has a strong support system the moment he or she is born. During our short brutish stay on earth, we are surrounded by our other spiritual beings, usually deceased family members, who love and guide us. They love us so much that they always are with us. Even when we do not listen, they never give up.”

“Although humans are quick to demean “lowly jobs” while admiring “prestigious careers”, spiritual beings do not appear to view separation of labor with the same divisiveness. Consistent with the divine, they do not become jealous or angry. Positions of higher authority do not correlate with earthly attributes of power. Absent are the trappings of arrogance, pretention, entitlement, dominance, acquisition, and coercion. Every being is working toward the same goals in accordance with God’s will. Moreover, every spiritual being understands that they are progressing, albeit some faster than others, toward the Source.”

“The near death experience serves as a model, or an idealized example, on how to reduce isolation on earth. Spiritual beings are never isolated. They are communally focused on completing God’s work. Not a single person who had a near death experience observed a spiritual being watching television or tweeting God.”

“NDErs often visit one or two locations in the spiritual realm, such as exiting a tunnel into a beautiful garden. A select few NDErs visit multiple locations in a kind of heavenly tour. The NDEr excursion is hosted by God, Jesus, or unfamiliar spiritual guides. Aside from wondrous, lessons can be taught during the tour. Often, the purpose behind the tour is to demonstrate God’s magnificent creation.”

“It seems ironic that people vigorously resist death on earth whereas they later vigorously fight to remain “dead” in heaven. Why the discrepancy? Perhaps the ongoing human struggle against death can be explained by several factors: a natural survival instinct; fear of non-existence; a lack of faith in a loving God. Regardless of the causes, most NDErs experience a complete reversal in attitude once they arrive in the spiritual realm. They are quickly won over by feelings of bliss, the unconditional love of encountered spiritual beings, and the magnificence of everything spiritual.”


  Emulating God’s Love

“God delegates a degree of management of the universe in order to share creation with imperfect beings that are constantly in want. Herein is not just love, but unfathomable love.”

“Dying is not a cold, lonely event as proposed by the existentialists. NDErs are often greeted by a host of spiritual beings that serve as a welcoming committee to celebrate a soul’s return home. Although some report a brief period alone when they first cross, NDErs are never alone for long. They are surrounded by loved ones from thewelcoming point forward.”

“Most unbelievers would bow in obedience if God made a dramatic entrance in their lives. But would their obedience come from a state of love, or fear? God prefers relationships to be based on love and faith. Moreover, God wants people to choose their paths freely, even if destructive, so that we can evolve without coercion.”

“God does not want each person to develop an individualized moral compass. Such an attempt would represent a blatant exercise of ego and pride. Despite the wide range of acceptable life experiences, the fabric of the universe is built on what is right and wrong. Specifically, right is built on love and wrong is built on its opposite. Such a definition of morality may appear simplistic at first glance, but it is anything but simple.”

  Loving Flower of Creation

“People have many divergent opportunities to learn to love. Some may need to learn to love themselves. Others may need to learn to love an individual, family, group, a society, or even an entire race. The mission possibilities are endless.”

“Imagine that you are caring for a mother dying of advanced Alzheimer’s disease. You quit your job to cook, clean, and bathe your parent. Meanwhile, you see your mother’s faculties, memories, and personality slowly fade. This may be the most emotionally exhausting time in your life. You suffer because your loved one suffers. Yet, spiritual growth will certainly follow if you opened yourself to care for that parent. You will have learned how to sacrifice with unconditional love, thereby passing an important lesson on earth school.”

“Forgiveness may be the most stringent litmus test for pure, unconditional love. The act of forgiveness requires removing any bitterness or grudge toward the perpetrator, even if the transgression resulted in deep emotional injury. Forgiveness unlocks many doors to love by giving the victim an opportunity to respect and value a perpetrator, despite the perpetrator devaluing the victim.”

“People do not always make the connection between unconditional love and total absolution. They fail to make the connection because human love is incomplete; there always seem to be conditions and upper limits. Religion often claims that God’s love is boundless and unconditional. Yet, even strongly religious people tend to project human conditional attributes on to God.”

“Just as there is a strong relationship between love and forgiveness, there also exists a strong inverse relationship between anger and forgiveness. A significant number of people who complain of chronic anger have suffered appalling abuse during their childhood. Should they forgive their perpetrators? Many would believe not. Yet, forgiveness may be the only relief from bottled anger. Otherwise, anger, the most corrosive of emotions, will simmer or grow into a toxic monster.”

“A tyrant might induce fear and force obedience in a beaten population. But a tyrant cannot force a single person to love by submission. Love must be a personal choice given freely. It should be pointed out that love is not a singular choice. There are opportunities to love every day. Each of us must diligently fight against our own selfish nature and make countless choices in every interactive moment.”

“When I see an Asian, African American, or anyone racially different from myself, I try to visualize them as a being of energy that looks exactly like me. This helps remind me about the unified spiritual nature of all people. If everyone could visualize each person in similar fashion, perhaps there would be less violence toward our fellow spiritual beings connected to God.”

“With every collective effort to love, humanity decreases a small proportion of isolation in the world. With every collective effort of self-indulgence, humanity increases a small proportion of isolation in the world. The world is what we make it. Thus, it serves no purpose to shake our fists at God when we experience evil in the world. A more responsible response would be to collectively drag evil into the light and shake our fists, in solidarity, and say ‘No!’”

“Even the most minimal, hidden causal factors can influence the future; everything we do matters more than we realize. Consequently, if we want to save the planet, each of us needs to send our love into the future, even if distantly.”


  God’s Towering Beauty

“Not everyone is completely satisfied with either choice between unquestioning belief and existential despair. But what if there is a third choice that revolutionizes meaning? What if there is a way to receive spiritual knowledge that is observed first-hand by tens of thousands of people, documented with high reliability of subject matter, and shared by observers who are not seeking fame, political influence, or financial gain? The third way is the near death experience.”

“Materialist skeptics are quick to dismiss NDE research and yet provide weak alternative explanations. Although seemingly scientific at first glance, most of the materialist research has been on the basis of indirect evidence, at best, and wild guesses, at worst.”

"Why do materialists strongly reject the near death experience as spiritual? Why do they propose their own “scientific theories”, even when they are unsupported by measurable evidence? Perhaps such strong reactions are elicited by the scientist’s own emotional resistance, or repugnance, to the idea of spirituality. Specifically, they feel they must explain away the supernatural in order to be scientists.”

  The Divine Force

“NDErs report that God is a creative force. Individual growth, based on self-determination, represents an extension of a larger creative plan.”

“Humans exist as part of God consciousness. Yet, we are still unique based on our qualities shaped over time and experience. Collectively, our personalities make a rich tapestry for the entire conscious universe. That is not to say, however, that we must maintain parts of our personality inconsistent with the Source. Just like personal identity, our personality developed on earth represents one piece of the puzzle that adds to our unique mosaic. There are parts of our personality that may be less consistent with the divine. It is our mission to refine these inconsistent aspects of personality.”

“Perhaps God can be likened to a patient sculptor and people are the marble to be sculpted. Through living on school earth, and other teaching venues, imperfections are chiseled away and thrown out over time. As the final form begins to take shape, finer tools may be used to chisel individual lines and curves as the final form becomes perfected.”

“The universe is the expression of God’s creative and conscious existence. God is not a white-bearded superman sitting on a golden throne in heaven, as some portray. In essence, God is the universe. God is the One and the Source.”

“Every person, great or small, lacks inherent value apart from God. At the same time, every person has great value because of God. People are gifted with value because God bestows it. Human beings certainly have not earned the right to co-create, or even to exist. Everything has been bestowed on us as a gift of love.”

“Why are spiritual beings given the keys to time and knowledge whereas humans are not? The experience of time boils down to having different spiritual missions. Spiritual beings directly serve God within the context of eternity. Spiritual beings can serve God best by knowing the future, past, and present. God cannot allow for mistakes in heaven because all tasks are completed in accordance to divine plan.”

  The Individual Journey

“Good choices produce learning and ultimately spiritual development. Poor choices may also produce learning and ultimately spiritual development. In the case of poor choices, learning and development occur through the natural consequences of adversity and self-reflection.”

“Constrained by linear time, people are free to create their own destinies. Earth is a realm of choice where good and evil mix. Do we serve ourselves or others? Do we choose to love or hate? Whatever our choices, time will be the medium how every individual chooses to be and become.”

“The primary life choice boils down to this question, “Do we choose to move toward God or rebel against God?” Finite existence forces the choice. We cannot be all people and all things in life. Time narrows human existence, forcing everyone to prioritize choices based on personal motivation and values.”

“How should I respond to God gifting me with free-will and co-creation? With every freedom comes responsibility and education.”

“Developing an accurate, positive identity on earth becomes critically important because identity is carried into the spiritual realm. If a person refuses to honestly face themselves in life, they will have to do it in heaven. NDErs report that God, or other spiritual beings, challenge distorted thinking through a life review process.”

“This entertainment media strategy works well, as the modern day hero often seems to be television actors and professional sports players. An entire industry has been enriched by bringing the glamorous stranger into our living room. Why do people care about the destructive, selfish behavior of the Hollywood star? Why do they care whether actors are marrying, fighting, drugging, birthing, cheating, and divorcing? Perhaps at a subconscious level, viewers incorporate strangers into their own personal identity. In this manner, these special strangers become idols.”

“Missions are carefully assigned according to the spiritual needs of the individual. Although God does not punish anyone, some people who kill themselves may continue facing the same struggles toward growth after they die; suicide does not alleviate the responsibility to accomplish mission. Consequently, God provides remediation efforts in the spiritual realm to help those adrift find anchor.”

“The primary focus of any religious institution should be to serve the spiritual needs of man rather than man serving religion. Destructive religious ideology enforces strict doctrine by means of fear, guilt, and other methods of coercion. They also teach intolerance toward science, secular philosophy, different religions, and any other competing belief.”

“Christianity resonates for me because of Jesus’ emphasis on love and grace. Buddhism may resonate more for someone who is passionate about non-violence and introspection through meditation. Native American beliefs may resonate for someone who is respects harmony and interconnection with creation. And so on. Many religious beliefs have merit because they are consistent with concepts of God and love. They are all viable paths up the mountain toward God. In other words, the right religion is the religion that brings you closest to God.”

“Like a protracted game of dominoes, my life has been playing out in small, steady increments. As I reflect back, I can visualize how the tiles in my life lay together in a long track. The little decisions made in my life amount to an overreaching gestalt. This means that the whole of my life is greater than the sum of its parts. The gestalt represents nothing less than a spiritual transformation.”

“As I reflect on what I have learned and written, I am duly impressed by the grandeur of reality. As the broader truth sinks in, I find myself moving away from the mundane. I do not want to waste precious time being entertained, seeking temporary power over others, or building transitory monuments to ego. I aim to think big instead of small. I aspire to see time holistically rather than as a linear flow of now. I seek to implement my personal mission given to me by God. Most importantly, I aspire to focus on what truly matters, to love others to the best of my human ability.”

“Although it took years to pass, my faith metamorphosed from a quasi-state of hope to knowing that God exists. There is a great liberation knowing that my essence has eternal purpose within a divine master plan. For me, subconscious fear was replaced with a stronger state of peace stemming from a greater awareness of soul. I have even used this state of peace as a compass to reinforce my plodded, purpose-driven heading toward growth.”


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